Distracted Driver Accidents Attorney in Peoria, Illinois

Tell Your Story As The Victim Of A Distracted Driver

There was nothing you could do. Before you knew it, a distracted driver collided with your vehicle, leaving you to face a long road to recovery. At The Law Office of David Hunt, I am ready to be an aggressive advocate and fight for your rights as an accident victim. Every client’s story matters, and I will take the time to listen to yours. I will help to give you a voice and ensure justice will be obtained.

Distracted Driving Can Be More Than Just Texting Behind The Wheel

While cell phone use is one of the most common reasons Illinois drivers become distracted, it is not the only one. It is possible that the driver who hit you was distracted while they were:

  • Smoking
  • Eating or drinking
  • Interacting with other passengers such as children or pets
  • Using other handheld devices such as an iPod or navigational system
  • Looking away from the road at an outside event

I Know The Driver Who Hit Me Was Distracted, But How Can I Prove It?

Victims of distracted drivers often worry that it will be their word against the other driver’s word regarding the cause of the accident. You may have very well observed the driver take their attention away from the road, but you may fear that you will not be believed. However, I have successfully handled dozens of cases and used evidence outside of victims’ statements to obtain compensation.

As in any car accident case, I compile evidence, including police reports, medical records, accident photos, witness statements, highway and local business surveillance footage, dashcam footage and accident reconstruction demonstrations. In distracted driving cases, lawyers can also obtain cell phone records to prove that the cellphone was in use at the time of the crash.

Hold The Driver Accountable And Move Forward With Your Case

I became a personal injury attorney so that I could help victims like you to have a voice. Call me directly or email me to set up a free consultation at my Peoria or Galesburg office. I want you to get the answers you need at a time that works best for you. Upon request, we can arrange a Skype meeting to discuss your case any day of the week.