A Great Lawyer

David hunt is a great lawyer I have used his services multiple times and each time the outcome is great. I would recommend him to anyone. He is very professional and fair if I have a question for him he answers it for me even if it’s not about the case you are working with him on. Great lawyer and grater friend!

-Kim B.

A Fighter in The Court Room!

Wow, what a fighter in the court room! Mr. Hunt has strong credentials. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. He is the reason I received positive results on my case. I would highly recommend him to anyone! He even took me out for lunch and coconut cream pie after a court appearance.

-Jerry H.

No Questions Went Unanswered

Bill's injuries were very serious. David made sure that the insurance companies did not take advantage of him. He explained everything so that we understood the process. No questions went unanswered. David and his staff made us fell that we mattered than and now. Without David, Bill would not have received the excellent compensation that did. We are truly grateful.

-Vickie M.

He Fought for Me

David was awesome to work with. He helped walk me through the necessary steps after an auto accident in which I was not at fault. His advise and knowledge was critical throughout the entire process. He fought for me when I needed his help and I am very grateful!

-Ryan A.

Works Hard to Be Fair

David as always does a great job to make sure you are taking care of. Works hard to be fair. Insurance companies don't care but he does. Will not hesitate to use him if needed in the future.

-Michael A.

Complete Confidence in Him

The Law Office of David Hunt:
Any questions that you have ,he has an answer. You never know how long an issue is going to take, but I had no worries. I had complete confidence in him. Aways professional, kept me updated, laid it all out on the line. Highly Recommend.

-Lorri D.

I Highly Recommend

David clearly knows the personal injury laws inside and out. He did a great job walking me through the whole process. I highly recommend.

-Ryan B.

I Highly Recommend

David clearly knows the personal injury laws inside and out. He did a great job walking me through the whole process. I highly recommend.

-Ryan B.

Always at Work on Your Case

This guy rocks... I mean what attorney do you know that answers the phone on a Saturday or Sunday... he is always at work on your case and gets the job done... definitely recommend this guy

-Issac B.

An Exceptional Attorney

David Hunt is an exceptional attorney. He made the whole process easy and understandable for me. I was able to contact him anytime I wanted day or night with any questions. I didn’t feel like just another client. I always felt like I was at the top of his list. During my time with him, he did a fantastic job and I’d recommend him to anyone.

-Trevor W.

Produced a Very Favorable Outcome

David was great to work with, answered questions thoroughly, and produced a very favorable outcome. Would highly recommend his services.

-Troy E.

Very Impressed with His Knowledge and Professionalism

I highly recommend Attorney David Hunt to anyone who needs help with a work comp case. I was very impressed with David Hunt's legal knowledge and professionalism. He kept me updated on the progress of my case and was always available to answer any questions. It was an uphill fight all the way and David Hunt was right there in the trenches fighting to protect me. David got me very positive results in my case. I not only got very positive results in my case, I gained a new friend.
Thank you David Hunt for everything.

-Bob V.

Helpful and Patient

David handled my work comp case. He walked me through the complicated, overwhelming process. Made it easy to understand. His office staff was helpful and patient (great with hand holding). I will use his firm anytime I have a legal problem. Thank you David Hunt!


Very Happy with The End Results

David was great to work with on my workers comp case. He took care of business and I was very happy with the end results. Highly recommended.

-Cory B.

Handled My Case Quickly

My experience with David Hunt was very professional. He handled my case quickly and without any glitches. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

-Rick A.

Answered All Our Questions

Dave was excellent to work with on our work comp case. He always answered all our questions and was prompt to get back to us. Very personable and made us feel at ease.

-Joann S.

Communicated with Me Very Well

Very prompt, knowledgeable and professional. I came to Dave from another attorney who was not getting back to me or solving my problem; Dave was on top of my case from day one and communicated with me very well along the way! I highly recommend Dave and his team!

-Brandy & Drew R.

Dave Has Been There for Me Every Step

Dave has been my attorney for years. I work a dangerous job and have relied on him for getting my bills paid when my employer wouldn’t hold up these responsibilities. Dave has been there for me every step of the way from representing me in me disability pension hearing to recovering a six figure settlement to ease the burden on my family now that I can’t work. He started as my attorney and now I’m glad I can call him a friend as well. Dave will represent you beginning to end and get what you’re entitled to.

-Steve A.

Really Appreciated His Honesty

Excellent care and communication from the start of our case until it ended. Really appreciated his honesty, hard work and patience.

-Aaron W.

Without David I Would Have Went Nuts

I want to thank you so much. He’s done so much for me as a single father of three and dealing with workman’s comp as well as myself. It was hard, confusing, and very frustrating dealing with me. But of course I had no ideal when missing checks occur. And they do it as much as possible and try to get away with it. But he understood as we all know workmen’s comp will screw you over. Watch you starve and starve your family. They do not care. Without David telling me to relax and come down I think I would have went nuts. He’s been a mentor to me. By listening to my pain and life in general. It’s not easy dealing with workman’s comp and it’s not easy dealing with me. Thank you again


Highly Recommended!

Dave was great, answered all my questions in a timely manner. I didn't have to worry about all the medical bills or deal with the employer and insurance companies. Highly recommended!

-Justin P.

Very Knowledgeable, Thorough, and A "Straight Shooter"

Mr. Hunt helped me understand all the information in my workman's compensation case. He helped guide me through all the confusing appointments, paperwork, and run around they tried to put me through! Very knowledgeable, thorough, and a "straight shooter". I wouldn't hesitate recommending him to anyone!

-Dara D.

Excellent Service

Excellent service and very pleased with the outcome. Highly recommend !!

-Dorthy B.

David Handled Everything for Us

I was in an accident with my elderly in-laws. My mother-in-law required emergency surgery and a long recovery/therapy time. David handled everything for us, kept us informed, and dealt with insurance companies, hospitals, Doctors, after care... everything. We as a family would recommend the Law Offices of David Hunt to anyone.

-Tazz H.

Always Available to Answer Any Questions

I was very impressed with Mr. Hunt's legal knowledge and professionalism.He kept me updated on the progress of my case and was always available to answer any questions. I would highly recommend him as a leading attorney in his field. Working with Mr. Hunt was a very pleasant experience.

-Sean W.

Phenomenal Outcome

David was absolutely wonderful to work with!! I moved to a different state in the middle of everything and I was nervous that it would be difficult to handle it from afar - but that wasn't the case at all! He made the process so easy & understandable for me. He was super straightforward with me throughout it all. I don't think I could've found someone with more honesty & integrity to fight for me. My case wouldn't have had the phenomenal outcome it did without having David represent & fight for me. Thank you to the Law Office of David Hunt for getting me through a rough 3 years!!

-Courtney S.

The Life Saver I Needed

David Hunt was the life saver I needed on my case. Literally my case was sinking when Mr. Hunt was brought in as my third attorney just before a court hearing. I’m thankful he was the closer! I would highly recommend David Hunt should you need to retain an attorney.

-Kelly N.

Will Steer You Straight

I highly recommend Mr Hunt! I was nervous speaking to an attorney, but David made me feel very comfortable about my case. He even drove over an Hour, just to speak with me. I knew then, I wanted him to represent me!

I was expecting my case, to Last over two year, before I expected any kind of settlement. I was shocked and pleased when after only 6 months, we had it wrapped up. The professionalism, David has shown me and the prompt replies to all my concerns, made this event in my life, almost stress free!

I highly recommend Mr Hunt, to anyone wanting an honest attorney, who will steer you straight, through the legal jargon.

-Courtney S.

They Fight when You Can't

Competent...compassionate and quick! They fight when you can"t!

-Lori M.

Went Beyond the Expected

David was incredible to work with. He told us what he needed and went beyond the expected in getting us the compensation my husband deserved. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again, David!

-Nancy C.

He Worked Very Hard on My Behalf

David is an honest Attorney. He worked Very hard on my behalf! He promptly replied to calls, texts, and emails. I would highly recommend David Hunt!

-Eric W.

Friendly, Straight Forward, and Very Well Informed

David has handled cases for me, past and present. I find him to be friendly, straight forward, and very well informed. I would easily suggest him as the only attorney that I would consider to handle all of my legal affairs.

-Calvin P.

He Will Stand by You

I called David Hunt because I needed legal advise. An attorney who would tell me the 'truth' ~ good or bad, but most of all the 'Truth." You must have 'trust and confidence' in your legal counsel. David Hunt is that person. David Hunt is about 'your rights' and he will stand by you.

-Kay M.

Great Office

Great office very friendly people n Jane is great

-Dick A.

David Hunt Is Your Guy!!!!

To all out there needing a great Attorney! David Hunt Is Your Guy!!!! Get ahold of him at his number here and make that appointment!! Tell him everything you got to say about your situation and when you walk out of his office YOU WILL KNOW THAT YOU HAVE NO MORE WORRIES!!! HE IS DEFINITELY ONE HELL OF A WINNER TO HAVE ON YOUR SIDE!!!

-Jane O.

Extremely Satisfied

Dave has handled two cases for me. I have been extremely satisfied with the representation and would recommend him to anyone wanting a top notch lawyer.

-Linda J.

Very Pleased

I have used Mr. Hunt and I am very pleased. The process of a claim is very difficult and the laws are clear as mud. Mr. Hunt was able to answer every question throughout this lengthy process in a timely manner. I also appreciated his ability to translate the laws into terms I "Joe Q citizen" could understand.

-Mandi P.

Terrific Attorney

Explained the legal process of my case. Kept me informed of the status of my case. He drove an hour to meet with me. Terrific attorney. Positive result in the case. Will definitely recommend to anyone who needs an attorney.

-Joshua M.

Works Hard for His Clients

David works hard for his clients. Had a great experience with him and will absolutely refer my friends and family to him!

-Leah P.

I Recommend This Office

Thank you for every minute you spent on my case Mr Hunt. I appreciate your vision and ability to paint a picture that clearly shows your honest opinions.. I recommend this office to anyone seeking help in there situation.Thank you Mr Hunt..Go Cubs Go

-Mike B.

Goes to Bat for You

Great individual just gets it done for his client's very up close and personal go to bat for you! Would highly recommend Dave.

-Dan W.

A Good Honest Man

I highly recommend David Hunt to anyone that needs help in the work comp. He will go step by step with you and gives you the knowledge that you need. David reaches out to you, and keeps you updated about your case. He never will make you feel uncomfortable. He is a good honest man.

-John P.

An Awesome Lawyer

David is very professional and knowledgeable, he examples everything that will and that is happening with the situation at hand. I would recommend David to anyone that needs an awesome lawyer. If I ever need a lawyer, David Hunt is my man.

-Cori H.

Went Above and Beyond

I highly recommend David Hunt he went above and beyond and the outcome was better than expected

-Teresa P.

He's the Real Deal

Normally I avoid leaving a rating, unless I get get crappy service. But David did an outstanding job, as my lawyer. I want to give him, the just rewards, he is due!

David represented me for my bilateral Carpal Tunnel. The whole thing was a mess from the start! I didn't know what to do or where to go. A friend referred me to this great lawyer he knew(yah right...). But David turned out to be quite amazing. He drove down to see me and heard my case. He had the answer for every question I had and made me feel very comfortable. I could Definitely tell, he had done this a few times.

I had the procedure completed way sooner tham I ever imagined and can actually feel both of my hands. No more falling asleep, thank God!

I heard this kind of settlement would take a year or Two, but lo and behold, we were talking final numbers, in less than 6 months. I never would have expected this, but once you meet David, you know he's the Real Deal.

If your looking for a competent lawyer, that's not going to lie to you, like so many do. He's your Man! I highly recommend David, for doing an outstanding job on my case.
Thank you David!!!

-Roger H.

Quick and Easy

Would recommend to family and friends. Process was quick and easy

-Tam D.

Handled My Case Quickly

Handled my case quickly, effectively, and won. Would recommend.

-Don C.

Great Lawyer that Is Straight Shooter

If you want a great lawyer that is straight shooter then David Hunt is your guy. when i got hurt and then laid off David was right there fighting for me.this was my first time injured on the job and David walked me through the process and the end result was better than i expected.

-Mike B.

Very Happy

Very happy with Dave

-John L.

Highly Recommended!

Highly recommended!

-Tim V.

Very Helpful

David was very helpful and professional.

-Mike E.