Workers’ Compensation: Worker Killed While Trimming Tree

Most people in Illinois do not expect to send their friend or loved one off to work and then never see them again. Sadly, some workplace accidents cause more than just serious injuries. Although losing a loved one who was involved in an accident at work can feel like a hopeless situation, an individual might qualify for survivors’ benefits through workers’ compensation.

A 62-year-old man was recently trimming a tree when he was involved in a fatal workplace accident. He was working in a tree-trimming bucket attached to a truck at the time. Unfortunately, the bucket apparently came into contact with a nearby electrical wire on a power line, and he was executed.

When emergency responders initially arrived on scene they were unable to reach the victim. This is because the power line was still live, and it was also still touching the truck. Workers for the power company were called to the scene and turned the power off to that line. When emergency responders finally reached the man they pronounced him dead while still at the site of the accident. This was at 12:15 p.m.

Certain professions might have more associated risks than others, which can possibly result in more serious and even fatal accidents. But a person does not have to work in dangerous career to be involved in an accident such as this. Virtually every worker in Illinois could show up to what might be their last days at work. For the families who are left behind, workers’ compensation could help bridge the financial gaps that these accidents cause.

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