Workers’ Compensation: Woman Suffers Fatal Injuries on Job Site

Some accidents are beyond an individual’s control. When an accident results in death, surviving family members are left scrambling to make burial plans, financing the burial and caring for minor children. When an accident occurs at work, some families may find some financial assistance through Illinois managed workers’ compensation. Sadly, a woman’s family in another state may be taking advantage of benefits after she suffered fatal injuries while at work.

The victim was a female plumber and worked for her local city government. While she and her colleagues were digging a trench to complete some work, a car struck her, resulting in serious fatal injuries. A nearby tow truck driver had been loading a vehicle onto the flatbed of his truck when the car became loose, rolled off and hit the woman.

The woman’s colleagues report that she was well liked, a hard worker and had been employed by the city for approximately six years. As well as a grieving community, the woman is survived by a minor daughter who was dependent on her. Police are investigating the accident and the tow truck driver who is unsure how the vehicle could have come loose.

Sometimes, on-the-job tragedies are a result of an unsafe environment, poor training or negligence of an employer, but sometimes, it is a random accident, as in this woman’s case. For unexpected deaths, workers’ compensation does provide death benefits to some qualified family members. While compensation does not replace a loved one’s presence, the financial assistance can be beneficial to dependents. An Illinois attorney familiar with the insurance program can assist a family with filing a claim or other legal means to help with burial expenses.

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