Workers’ Compensation: Woman Loses Arm at Job

Fortunately, industrial accidents in Illinois are not as common as they initially were in the height of the industrial revolution. Workers’ rights, work place conditions and safety measures have improved and reduced the frequency of on-the-job accidents. Unfortunately, serious accidents do occur, and when they do workers are entitled to file workers’ compensation insurance claims to assist with the medical expenses and loss of income. One worker in another state is likely filing for workers’ comp benefits after losing her arm in work accident.

Emergency personal were called to a food processing plant in another state after a worker’s arm was severed. It is unknown how the accident occurred at this time, but the Occupation Safety and Health Administration is likely conducting an investigation to understand the events preceding the amputation. Reportedly, the woman’s arm was completely severed above her elbow.

Due to the seriousness of the injury, emergency personal used Flight for Life to transport the victim to a medical center for treatment. Some of the woman’s co-workers used a new emergency protocol that instructed employees regarding the proper tourniquet application. Reportedly, because of the new protocol system, employees were able to apply a tourniquet to the woman’s upper arm as emergency medical technicians and transportation was in route.

Although, the employer is required to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage for injuries that occur on the job, it is often a complicated and difficult system to file a claim. Attorneys can assist a victim through the claims process as he or she focuses on recovering from the injury. Due to the nature of her injury and the life-long impact of a missing limb, an Illinois attorney can be beneficial to help understand the medical costs and treatment necessary, as well as to investigate the underlying circumstances to ascertain all potential sources of compensation.

Source:, “Woman loses arm in accident at Lakeside Foods in Random Lake“, Oct. 9, 2017

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