Workers’ Compensation: Woman Killed in Construction Accident

Construction work can be extremely satisfying as well as lucrative. While most construction workers in Illinois may be fairly happy with their jobs, the industry is notoriously dangerous. Not only are injuries relatively common among construction workers, fatal injuries are a real and terrifying possibility. In these situations, surviving family members may be able to obtain death benefits through the workers’ compensation system.

A 56-year-old construction worker was recently killed in a terrible workplace accident. The woman was working as a traffic flagger at construction site located on the road when she was hit by a dump truck. The driver of the truck was backing up and apparently did not see the co-worker before it was too late.

Police were notified of the accident and responded along with the fire department shortly after midnight. Sadly, paramedics pronounced her dead at the scene of the accident. Although it was a workplace accident, police are investigating the incident but have yet to file any charges against the driver of the dump truck.

Extra layers of safety are especially important for individuals who are working at night or in otherwise darker spaces. While it is still unclear what factors contributed to this accident, other Illinois workers should be able to feel safe and secure at their workplaces, which includes access to adequate lighting and safety equipment. When these safety measures fail or are nonexistent and a worker dies as a result, surviving members can suffer severe financial damages. Temporary death benefits paid through workers’ compensation can be a bridge to financial security for some families facing this situation.

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