Workers’ Compensation: The Safety of Tesla’s Factory Questioned

Tesla has made a name as a company with innovative technology to change the way motor vehicles operate. Tesla has been under pressure to match demand by consumers, and it’s the safety of its work environment under pressure of demands that has been challenged in the last year. Tesla was investigated earlier this year for allegedly under-reporting injuries on the job, and employees continue to accuse the company of an environment that improperly treats and classifies injuries. Unfortunately for Illinois workers, inaccurate documentation of an injury can impact an employee’s eligibility for workers’ compensation.

Earlier this year, Tesla was accused of allegedly under-reporting injuries, and Tesla was fined for not recording one injury. Tesla appealed the finding and has claimed it was a simple administration error. Employees at Tesla claim that the environment has not changed, and the company strives to avoid classifying injuries that would trigger an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

According to the law, injuries that require stitches, hard braces, work restrictions or missed days at work must be reported, but the injuries are often treated in a way to avoid a trigger for reporting. One man and his lawyer reported that he suffered a serious electrical shock from a factory forklift, requiring treatment and time away from work. While he was receiving workers’ compensation insurance benefits to cover his treatment and lost wages, a company doctor dismissed the man’s injuries, resulting in a stop to the man’s compensation.

Unfortunately, many worker injuries may result in pain, the need for extensive medical treatment and time away from work to heal. Illinois attorneys familiar with the state-managed workers’ compensation insurance can aid workers in filing a claim. Attorneys understand the cumbersome insurance program and can be of assistance if issues arise well after compensation has begun.

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