Workers’ Compensation: On Duty Officer Injured in Crash

Construction zones on interstates and other roadways continue to be risky for workers. Unfortunately, most roads cannot be completely closed to traffic while construction occurs to protect workers from the risk of an automobile crash and any resulting injures. An example of road construction dangers is the case of an Illinois Interstate Patrol officer who was a recent victim of an  unfortunate accident in a construction zone. Now, she may be in need of exploring her own workers’ compensation benefits.

The ISP officer was on a construction site helping to alert all drivers to the work nearby when the accident occurred. The officer’s vehicle was parked near the construction zone with emergency lights engaged. Another vehicle crashed into her patrol vehicle from behind.

The driver of the other automobile suffered serious injuries and was transported by helicopter for emergency treatment. Sadly, he did not survive his injuries. Authorities believe that crash may have resulted from the 76-year-old driver passing out due to a diabetic condition. The officer was also harmed although she was mobile immediately following the accident. Reportedly, she was suffering neck and back pain.

Workers’ compensation insurance is an excellent benefit for workers injured on the job. It can prevent financial burden from medical expenses and lost income due to lost time at work. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to make a claim through the state-managed system. Some employees find it helpful to ask an Illinois attorney who is familiar with the system for advice when filing a claim.

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