Workers’ Compensation Not Enough? You May Have Other Options

You know that you need financial help after a workplace accident. Workers’ compensation benefits are usually the first step to getting that help, but it might not be your only option. In Illinois, you also have the option to pursue a third-party claim when applicable.

Just because an injury happens at work does not mean that it is solely a workplace injury. An accident could partially be the result of another negligent party. In some cases those negligent parties are big companies or manufacturers, while in others they are individual people. One such example is a delivery driver who is struck by another driver while out on delivery. In this situation the delivery driver is completing his or her work duties and is also not responsible for the accident.

Filing for workers’ compensation may be one of the first steps for these situations. However, workers’ comp typically provides temporary benefits for income and related medical expenses. These benefits are extremely helpful, but it is not always enough to secure financial stability during the recovery process. By pursuing a third-party claim, victims can seek additional compensation for lost income, decreased earning capacity, medical costs and even pain and suffering.

Filing for workers’ compensation in Illinois should be easy, but it is often a time-consuming process. You might even be denied and need to file an appeal. This can make pursuing a third-party claim feel impossible. You do not have to choose between holding your workplace or another negligent party responsible for your injuries. Make sure you visit our website to find out more about how and when it is possible to do both.

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