Workers’ Compensation: Man Dies at Laundry Business

An unexpected and accidental death in the workplace can traumatize workers. Sadly, a worker’s family is more than traumatized, often facing a wide range of emotions as they struggle to cope with their loss. Because of workers’ compensation survivors’ benefits, many families are able to avoid financial stress because many qualify for these death benefits. Sadly, an Illinois worker recently suffered a fatal work accident.

The man was an employee at a laundry business and was working the evening shift. Another employee noticed that some of the large laundry machines were not working and started inspecting the machines. The deceased man’s body was discovered trapped in-between two large pieces of equipment.

Authorities viewed the video surveillance utilized by the business. It appeared as if a towel was stuck in part of the machine. In the process of attempting to remove the towel, the man became trapped between the dryer and conveyor system. The medical examiner reported that all evidence appeared to indicate that the man’s death was an accident.

The sudden loss of a loved one is devastating under any circumstances, perhaps more so in a seemingly preventable accident. In addition to the emotional aspects of a death, families must also process many of the logistical aspects such as paying for a funeral and burial, and adjusting to life without the loved one’s income. Surviving family members may qualify for death benefits through the state-regulated workers’ compensation insurance system. Illinois attorneys familiar with the system can advise and assist family members as they navigate the claims process.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Chicago man dies in apparent work accident at Niles laundry business“, May 9, 2018

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