Workers’ Compensation for Routine Injuries

Do you think that workplace injuries are only caused by serious and devastating accidents? This is a common misconception. In reality, many workplace injuries are the result of far less dramatic circumstances. You may have recently been injured at work, but because it was not a serious accident, maybe you did not think you could get workers’ compensation. Here are a few common workplace injuries that do not stem from big accidents.

Many workers in Illinois are at risk for repetitive stress injuries, and they do not even realize it. Office workers, health care workers, manufacturing employees and many more can develop serious injuries because of repetitive movements. These are usually stress injuries that can cause long-term pain and problems. Repetitive stress injuries can even put some people out of their line of work.

Knee injuries are another common problem. These types of injuries can involve things like fractures, ligament strains and torn tendons. Workers who have to be extremely active on the job might be more susceptible to knee injuries, but like with repetitive stress injuries, they can happen to anyone.

Workplace injuries can vary greatly in severity and cause. However, you may have only heard stories about large workplace accidents that caused traumatic injuries or even death. Every year in Illinois, many workers are injured through routine duties while on the job. If this has happened to you, you are not alone, and you may even qualify for workers’ compensation. You can find more information about these injuries and obtaining compensation right here on our website.

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