Workers’ Compensation for Illinois’ Most Dangerous Jobs

There are a lot of jobs that just seem obviously dangerous, like working in construction or in the manufacturing industry. But there are many more jobs that cause serious injury and even death each and every year. Some of those jobs might not look obviously dangerous from the outside, while others might be too far out of the public’s eye to even think about. Ultimately, it does not matter if anyone else thinks any given job is risky when it comes to a surviving family getting workers’ compensation for fatal injuries.

Although some people in Illinois might think that landscapers only face a small risk with their work equipment, the real danger is on the road. People who work in the landscaping industry regularly travel between work sites and are on the road a lot more than the average person. Workers are actually most commonly killed in transportation accidents, not because of equipment. The problem is so bad that in 2017, there were just over 20 fatal injuries for every 100,000 full time landscapers, making it the 10th most dangerous industry.

Agricultural workers — including farmers and ranchers — are also not very safe while on the job. Like landscapers, they spend a lot of time traveling between different farms and ranches. Fatal injuries occur most often during transportation accidents, not when dealing with large farming equipment. In 2017, nearly 25 out of every 100,000 agricultural workers died because of work-related injuries. It is the seventh most dangerous job.

No one expects to say goodbye to a loved one before work only to never see him or her again. Fatal accidents can strike at any time though, especially in inherently dangerous industries. Illinois families do not have to suffer the financial damages of losing loved ones on their own. Temporary death benefits through the workers’ compensation system can help these families bridge the financial gaps left behind by fatal accidents.

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