Workers’ Compensation: Driver Hits 2 Roadside Workers

Serious and even fatal accidents can occur in virtually all workplaces, from office settings to construction sites. Some work settings will inherently pose a greater risk to worker safety than others. For example, roadside construction sites are especially dangerous because they combine the inherent risks of construction work and nearby vehicles. Since this is a dangerous area to work in, those who do may want to make sure they fully understand workers’ compensation benefits. Few people are aware that workers’ comp can even provide temporary death benefits in the case of fatal accidents, such as a recent incident that took place on an Illinois road.

In Oct. 2019, multiple cones had been set up to block off one lane of a road. This was to separate landscaping crews from passing traffic. However, not everyone on the road paid attention to these safety measures. The driver behind the wheel of a minivan crashed into a sign and the cones, hitting two of the workers.

One of the workers was injured and had to be transported to an area hospital, and the other — a 67-year-old man — was killed. Sadly, it is not necessarily that uncommon for drivers to hurt or even kill roadside workers. According to a member of the “Move Over Task Force,” more troopers in Illinois have already been stuck in 2019 than in any other year. One of the biggest problems? Distracted drivers.

No one expects that they are saying goodbye to a loved one for the very last time as he or she heads off to work. This is the unfortunate reality that many families are currently facing, often without the help or guidance they need. Instead of struggling to make ends meet and cover unexpected costs while also grieving, a family in this situation may want to speak with an attorney who is familiar with the workers’ compensation system.

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