Workers’ Compensation: Common Construction Site Injuries

Working in the construction industry can be extremely fulfilling both financially and in regard to a long-term career. Many construction workers in Illinois truly enjoy their jobs. Unfortunately, these workers also understand the dangers of their chosen career field and that they may need workers’ compensation in the future.

Some of the most common construction site accidents are obvious. For example, falls top the list of common accidents. Whether on scaffolds, roofs, ladders, cranes or more, construction workers frequently have to work at significant heights. Without the proper safety equipment, falls might ultimately be inevitable.

In addition to workers, there are other risks that falls create. Tools and improperly secured construction material can fall from higher areas and strike workers on the ground, causing spinal or brain injuries. Depending on the falling material and its height, wearing a hardhat might not even be enough to prevent serious or traumatic injuries.

Not all injuries are caused by tragic accidents. Injuries from repetitive actions are relatively common, especially when a worker generally performs the same task over and over. Joint and muscle damage are also common because of the physical nature of the job. Even the work environment can lead to injury, like heat stress when working during the summer or hypothermia and frostbite during the winter.

There is no denying the dangerous nature of construction work, but Illinois employers can and should take necessary precautions to protect workers. Although many do not, even those who are adequately trained and outfitted with the appropriate safety equipment can still suffer traumatic injuries while at work. Workers’ compensation provides compensation for lost income and medical expenses, which can help these victims preserve their financial security while recovering.

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