Workers’ Compensation Benefits Available for All Injury Types

Although it is a well-known fact that certain industries such as construction and manufacturing pose high risks of workplace injuries in Illinois, the dangers of suffering harm are present in all industries and professions. Millions of workers’ compensation claims for injuries in other occupations are filed nationwide every year. Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some injuries occur more frequently than others.

Overexertion can cause non-impact injuries in duties such as pushing, pulling, turning and lifting. Typical injuries in this category are strains, sprains and tears of muscles and ligaments. Slip-and-fall accidents are also the cause of many injuries, particularly when housekeeping is neglected. Slipping on wet and slippery floors or walkways, or tripping on out-of-place objects can cause anything from scraped shins and bruises to traumatic brain injuries.

Employees in various occupations are susceptible to repetitive motion injuries. Muscles and tendons can suffer strain, often leading to back pain and issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome. These injuries are prevalent in those who work in assembly lines, and even office workers. Leaving such injuries untreated could eventually need surgery.

Illinois employees may find comfort in knowing that the workers’ compensation system offers financial relief for those who were injured on the job. After reporting an injury to a supervisor, a claim can be filed for benefits. Along with compensation for medical bills, the insurance program also offers wage replacement packages for workers who suffered injuries that prevented them from returning to work until they have recovered sufficiently.

Source:, “Common Injuries On the Job and How to Avoid Them,” Brittany Cotton, accessed on Sept. 16, 2017

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