What Pinch Point Dangers Could You Face in The Workplace?

If your job involves working with machines or working in an environment with lots of machines, you could face some unique safety risks. One class of workplace dangers that can arise in connection to machines are pinch points.

What Are Pinch Points?

Pinch points are, generally speaking, points where a person could get caught between a machine and its moving or stationary parts or other materials. Such points can be quite dangerous, as getting caught in them could expose you to significant injuries.

Where Can Pinch Points Come Up?

Pinch point dangers can arise in relation to a wide range of different machines. Examples of machines that commonly have pinch points include:

  • Assembling machines
  • Conveyors
  • Power presses
  • Power transmission equipment
  • Powered doors
  • Powered rollers
  • Robotic devices

Given the large number of machines that can raise pinch point issues, pinch point safety can be a significant issue in all different kinds of industries and workplaces.

What Can Protect Workers from Pinch Points?

When machines have pinch points, how safe workers are around such machines can depend on many things, including how their employers act regarding pinch points. Among the steps one would hope employers would take on this front are: looking closely into which of their machines have pinch points, putting appropriate guards in place when it comes to such points and giving workers proper training on guards. So, how much in pinch point safety risks you face on the job is not only impacted by what machines are in your workplace but also by how much attention your employer gives to these sorts of safety measures.

What Options Do Workers Harmed by Pinch Points Have?

There are many types of injuries that can come from workplace accidents involving pinch points. When workers here in Illinois suffer injuries from pinch points or other dangers at their workplaces, one thing that can prove an important source of resources for recovery is the workers’ comp system. Now, what options related to workers’ comp injured workers have can be influenced by many factors, and the process of seeking benefits can sometimes get complex. So, if you are hurt in a work accident related to pinch points, you may want to reach out for guidance on your specific situation regarding workers’ compensation.

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