Truckers Voice Concerns Over Distracted Driving in Recent Survey

Drivers in Illinois will frequently encounter large trucks on the road. Because these vehicles can be intimidating and a collision with one can cause personal injury and death, it is imperative that commercial drivers adhere to the law and follow basic rules for safety. Unfortunately, the number of distractions available in this technologically-advanced world make it risky to share the road with a truck. A recent survey will do little to assuage those fears.

The software company Netradyne provides fleet management solutions to trucking companies. It recently did a survey with commercial truckers asking about safety in which 350 drivers age 18 and older responded to questions. Of respondents, almost 70% said they felt improved blind spot detection would be beneficial. Also, 72% believe commercial truckers who are transporting commercial goods drive safely. 69% said those who transport passengers drive safely. However, 38% felt sports car drivers and 26% of convertible drivers are unsafe. A major concern from respondents was distracted driving. Since this is so common a reason for auto accidents, it is a worrisome factor.

Eighty-one percent said they believe that there has been a rise in road distractions. While cellphones are perceived as the most frequent catalysts for a driver being distracted, there are others including having a drink, looking at what is happening outside, checking GPS, changing the radio in the vehicle, and adjusting the truck’s controls. Still, the cellphone is viewed as a major problem with drivers checking social media and the web with 71% of survey participants seeing this is a problem. A distracted driving crash injured 22% of the drivers.

Drivers suggested solutions such as setting the GPS prior to driving, having their music selections prepared beforehand, receiving feedback from the vehicle’s advanced technology, using hands-free devices, and smart technology for safety. While steps to improve safety on the road are notable and may eventually yield results, the current landscape places drivers of passenger vehicles in jeopardy when they are on the road with a commercial truck.

A crash can cause long-term damage, fatalities and a radically changed life. The injured person could face medical costs, lost income, the need for long-term care with personal, physical and financial challenges. Gathering evidence as to the cause of the accident is key, especially with distracted driving. A law firm with experience in personal injury claims might help with filing and investigating a case.

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