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On behalf of The Law Office of David Hunt LTD Nov. 25, 2018

Picture this: You are traveling down the highway when suddenly you hear “boom.” You do not know what it is until you feel your steering wheel pulling its own way. You realize that your tire has blown. At least, this is an inconvenience to a driver. At most, a tire blowout can cause a serious, potentially life-threatening, accident.

Over 700 individuals died in tire-related crashes in 2017. What can you do to prevent a tire blowout before it happens?

Preventative Measures

The best things you can do to avoid a tire blowout include regular maintenance and inspection.

  • Check tire pressure: If a tire is under- or overinflated, the chances of a blowout increase exponentially. Checking regularly to make sure that your tires are neither underinflated or overinflated.

  • Replace low-tread tires: Tires that have little to no tread have a higher possibility of blowing out than a new tire. When your tires are losing their tread, trade them for new ones.

  • Rotate your tires: Not many car-owners do this, but it can be helpful to prevent tire blowouts. Rotating the tires can help make sure that all of your tires are wearing evenly.

  • Replace old tires: Even if you have not been driving on your tires, tires that sit around for a long time can start to crack or lose air. This can increase the possibility of a blowout.

  • Watch for potholes: Potholes are dangerous for tires, especially big ones. When a tire slams into a pothole, it has the chance of bursting. It is wise to avoid potholes if you can.

What to Do if A Tire Blows Out

Sometimes, even the best tires blowout. If you are driving down the highway and a tire blows, this is what you should do:

  • Stay calm: Many accidents happen when drivers jerk the wheel and slam on their brakes as soon as they realize that their tire has blown. It is important to remain calm, so you do not get into a nasty accident.

  • Slow down gradually: As mentioned above, it is wise not to slam on your brakes. Come to a complete stop in a safe space by slowing down gradually.

There are many things that you can do to avoid a blowout on the road, even if you are not a car mechanic. Make sure to keep an eye on your tires so you do not find yourself in an accident.