Same-Level Falls Prevalent in Construction Workers’ Accidents

Slip-and-fall incidents make up a significant percentage of workplace injuries and deaths nationwide, including Illinois. Many fall injuries and fatalities resulting from construction workers’ accidents do not involve heights, such as scaffolds, but happen at ground level due to slips or trips. Alertness and proper housekeeping play crucial roles in fall prevention.

Being on the lookout for wet or slippery spots and randomly placed objects or debris instead of focusing on a mobile phone is an excellent place to start. Other safety risks include unexpected changes to surface levels and poorly lit areas. Floor openings are common hazards on construction sites, and even if there are covers placed over them, it is advisable not to step onto the covers because they might break or slip.

Wearing nonslip shoes is an important safety precaution on construction sites as leather soles do not provide traction on smooth surfaces. When it comes to falls from heights, it is crucial to comply with federal and state safety regulations when using ladders and scaffolds. During activities on elevated levels, workers must be provided with adequate personal protective equipment.

Illinois workers who suffer injuries in construction workers’ accidents will likely be eligible for compensation to assist with the financial consequences. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can assist injured workers with the administrative and legal steps in the process to claim benefits. The insurance program typically provides compensation to cover medical expenses and lost wages. Families who have lost loved ones in such accidents can pursue death benefits, which will cover end-of-life expenses and a financial package to help with day-to-day living expenses.

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