Representing Injured Workers With All Types Of Injuries

While the extent of certain work injuries are immediately apparent, others are not. Injuries may increase in severity as the months pass, and injuries that were once thought to be minor, can quickly turn into career-altering conditions. Despite the severity or type of injury you have sustained, I am well-versed in Illinois’ workers’ compensation claims process and can demand fair compensation for what you have endured.

Below you will find more information about the most common types of work injuries I see in my office.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Workers sustain repetitive stress injuries when they engage in repetitive movements or overuse certain parts of the body. These types of injuries can develop for variety of reasons in the workplace. Examples of instances in which repetitive stress injuries can occur include:

  • An office worker who develops carpal tunnel as a result of typing.
  • A delivery worker who experiences nerve damage due to heavy lifting.
  • A nurse who suffers from loss of strength from lifting patients.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Rotator cuff injuries often intertwine with repetitive stress injuries when tendons in the shoulder become inflamed or are damaged. Workers who sustain these types of injuries often have occupations that require overhead and repetitive arm motions. The most common type of rotator cuff injuries I see are a result of activities that involve painting, playing sports or working in construction.

Knee Injuries

Hundreds of workers have come to my office after suffering on-the-job knee injuries. In many cases, the knee injuries involve fractures, torn tendons and ligament strains. I will review your medical records and ensure you receive the benefits you need depending on the extent of your knee injury.

Neck And Back Injuries

As a seasoned attorney, I have represented countless workers who sustained on-the-job back injuries such as pinched nerves, damage to the spinal cord and herniated disks. In addition, I have a track record of success representing clients with neck injuries such as whiplash, vertebral fractures and stiffness.

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