Personal Injury: Young Illinois Man Killed While Driving Tractor

Spring has sprung in Illinois and in most of the country, and people all over are flocking outdoors to thaw out from the brutal winter. Because it is prime weather to plant seeds and plants, farmers tend to be very busy this time of year. Large farms often must use the same roadways as other vehicles to transport equipment and tractors from one farm to another or to places to be repaired; as a result, the occupants of farm vehicles are in jeopardy of serious personal injury when accidents occur just like everyone else. Unfortunately for one young man, his recent trip on a tractor turned into tragedy.

The 20-year-old was driving a tractor on the road when the accident occurred. Reportedly, he was towing a disc plow behind the tractor. Another vehicle hit the plow and the tractor overturned.

A third vehicle became involved in the accident, though no one in it was injured. The driver of the vehicle that collided with the plow did suffer injuries and required medical treatment. Sadly, the young tractor driver’s injuries were severe, and he was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Emergency responders witness tragic and fatal accidents frequently in Illinois.

When an unexpected death occurs, funeral expenses in the midst of grief can be overwhelming for a family of a deceased victim. When the negligence of another driver is suspected, some families may wish to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit to assist with burial expenses and other monetary losses. Illinois personal injury attorneys can inform families of their available options for legal recourse.

Source:, “One dead in Gallatin County accident”, Elizabeth Taylor, April 30, 2018

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