Personal Injury: Woman Killed in Crash at Busy Intersection

As Illinois cities continue to grow, motor vehicle traffic can increase in particular areas, resulting in some areas in need of improvements. Sadly, one woman suffered a serious personal injury at a busy intersection following a crash. People in the area claim that they have been requesting improvements at the intersection where the woman died due to a history of accidents and fatal crashes; some minor improvements were made this past summer.

As the 37-year-old woman was traveling to a high school, her tragic accident occurred. Her vehicle was struck by a pickup truck that allegedly ran a red light in the intersection. Sadly, the woman’s injuries were serious and she did not survive.

The family of the woman is understandably devastated by her loss. She was active in her community and reported to be a loving aunt to her nieces and nephews. Her family hopes that other drivers will be advised by the intersection’s speed limit and red lights for the protection of others. Others in the community state that they have requested improvements at the intersection following other crashes and deaths.

A serious personal injury that occurs as the result of an at-fault driver can permanently change lives. Serious injuries can result in expensive medical bills, lost time at work and permanent disabilities. As in this case, injuries can also result in death, which can result in unexpected burial expenses for a family in the midst of sudden grief. Illinois attorneys are experienced with handling similar accident cases and can offer victims legal advice or assist with filing necessary insurance claims.

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