Personal Injury: Serious Accident Injures Three

People in society are surrounded by other people as they go about their lives. Hundreds of decisions are made by people on a daily basis, and many of those decisions may not affect anyone else. Some decisions, however, can result in serious and unfortunate consequences to others. Common decisions that can cause significant harm to other human beings often involve traffic violations on Illinois roadways. It is believed that a traffic violation and driving under the influence contributed to a recent accident that resulted in serious personal injury to three people.

The 28-year-old driver and her 25-year-old male passenger were traveling northbound through an intersection when the accident occurred. The initial accident investigation has led authorities to believe that the woman ran a stop sign, resulting in the crash with a pickup truck. They also believe she may have been operating her vehicle under the influence of an impairing substance.

Both she and her passenger suffered serious injuries. The 75-year-old driver of the pickup truck also suffered serious injuries, and all three victims are still under medical care. Reportedly, the intersection had to be closed for eight hours as the accident was investigated and cleared of debris.

It only takes a moment to suffer a life-changing personal injury following a car accident. Injuries can result in expensive medical care, intensive therapy, permanent disabilities and a change in the quality of life of involved individuals. Many victims of accidents find the process of handling insurance claims or a civil lawsuit overwhelming without the assistance of an Illinois attorney. Attorneys can assist with insurance claims or advise if a personal injury lawsuit is an option to consider.

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