Personal Injury: One Dead and Officer Injured in Collision

Anyone traveling any Illinois highway can be involved in an accident at any time. Anytime another driver fails to adhere to simple traffic rules and laws, it can impact other vehicles and their occupants. Sadly, a recent head-on collision resulted in serious personal injury and tragedy for the two drivers involved.

The first driver was reportedly a loving husband and father of five children. He was traveling on an overpass in his pickup truck when he collided with a patrol car in the opposite lane. Witnesses who saw the accident could not discern what may have resulted in the accident, but they reported that the pickup driver made a sudden swerve. The impact of the collision resulted in the vehicle catching fire, and sadly, the driver was pronounced dead before he could be medically treated.

The other driver was operating a Pontoon Beach police car when he was struck by the other driver. Reportedly, he was awake and conversing with rescue workers following the accident, but his injuries, which include broken bones, are considered serious. It is assumed that the officer could not see the pickup truck in his lane due to his location on the overpass, which limited his visibility ahead in his lane of traffic.

Accident investigators will be sure to thoroughly investigate all of the activity in the moments proceeding the collision. In similar car accidents where serious injury occurs, presumed negligent drivers may be held liable in civil court for documented physical and emotional expenses related to the collision. Personal injury attorneys in Illinois can advise victims of the best legal path for possible compensation after reviewing all the available evidence.

Source:, “Car accident closes road in Madison County IL”, Mary Cooley, Jan. 25, 2018

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