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Personal Injury: Mother Killed by Officer Traveling at High Speed

On behalf of The Law Office of David Hunt LTD Nov. 29, 2018

New drivers are taught to be aware of their surroundings, including moving over for emergency vehicles and law enforcement. Paramedics, law enforcement and fire trucks alert drivers of the need to move over through sirens and lights. Unfortunately, an Illinois State Police trooper made the decision to not use lights or sirens when driving towards an officer-related shooting, and as a result, a young woman suffered fatal personal injury.

The officer was in an unmarked squad vehicle at the time of the accident. After being alerted to a shooting involving another officer, he made the decision to speed towards the incident approximately 40 miles away. Reportedly, the other officer was shot in one of his upper extremities.

Allegedly, the trooper was speeding as high as 108 miles per hour towards the interstate. Unfortunately, the officer crossed paths with a 26-year-old mother’s van and collided with her. At the time of the crash, it is believed that the officer was speeding at 85 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone. Sadly, the mother did not survive her injuries. The trooper is reportedly retired, and he is facing criminal charges of reckless homicide.

Losing any loved one is difficult and heart wrenching. It is unimaginable to lose a mother as a young child. Family members of deceased victims of car accidents may wish to seek the advice of an Illinois personal injury attorney. Attorneys can assist with insurance claims or filing a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court. Any settlement obtained by victims or families of deceased victims can help relieve any financial pressure related to medical and burial expenses.