Personal Injury: Mother Killed in Motorcycle Crash

Some people are lucky to rarely ever experience tragic loss, and sadly others may feel they get more than their fair share. One young Illinois athlete sadly has lost his second parent in a fatal vehicle crash. Personal injury attorneys are able to advise the victim’s families when such a loss occurs of insurance and/or wrongful death lawsuit claims.

The accident occurred shortly after the boy’s mother had dropped him off at baseball practice. The details of the crash are still being investigated by authorities. The mother was traveling by a motorcycle when the crash occurred in an intersection with a car. She did not survive her injuries. Authorities have not reported if any charges will be filed.

People who know the family report that the boy is a talented athlete participating in football, basketball and track in addition to baseball. They also reported that his mother was a big support in both his athletic and academic endeavors. Sadly, the boy’s father died several years ago in a car crash, leaving the boy without both parents. In the aftermath of losing his mother, he is supported by multiple extended family members, his teammates, coaches and the community.

Motorcycle accidents are not uncommon. When a death occurs, unexpected funeral expenses can be difficult when surviving family members may have limited to no income. Some Illinois families facing these circumstances find comfort in seeking the guidance of a personal injury attorney when filing a claim with insurance or when deciding if it is appropriate to file a wrongful death lawsuit against presumed negligent parties.

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