Personal Injury: How Can Attorneys Assist Grieving Families?

An Illinois family remains in shock this week following the loss of a young family member. The 28-year-old man suffered serious personal injury following a motorcycle accident. Sadly, after extensive medical attempts to save his life, he did not survive.

According to the accident report, the accident involved the man’s motorcycle, a pickup truck and a pedestrian. Authorities report that a 60-year-old man who was traveling on foot darted out in front of the pickup truck. The pickup truck driver had no choice but to come to a sudden stop to avoid striking the pedestrian. Unfortunately, the young man was behind the pickup truck on his motorcycle and could not come to a quick stop.

The young man’s motorcycle rear-ended the pickup truck, and it crashed as he lost of control of the bike. The man suffered serious head injuries, and he was airlifted for emergent care. His family reported that he was never conscious before his death. The pedestrian was cited for improperly yielding to traffic and improperly walking on a roadway.

Following the sudden loss of a loved one, a family often searches for answers to many questions. Because medical transport, surgeries and intensive care are very expensive, many wonder how they will pay for the medical and unexpected burial expense. Families dealing with similar financial burdens following an accident may find the advice of a personal injury to be helpful. Illinois attorneys assist some families with filing insurance claims to cover expenses, and some families may have the option to file a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court.

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