Personal Injury: Head-On Crash in Illinois Results in Injuries

Illinois motorists have to be careful to ignore the distractions around them more than ever. Prior to the ability of drivers to have access to mobile phones, distractions in and around a vehicle were still an issue, but smartphones  undoubtedly add a dangerous distraction. A momentary glance at a text message, maps application or answering a phone call can result in serious property damage and/or personal injury. It is unclear what may have led to a recent serious accident, but accident reconstructionists will likely investigate whether a cell phone was in use just prior to the accident.

The recent accident occurred on a state route during the middle of the day. It is unknown what events led to the accident and who was involved. Reportedly, two vehicles struck each other head-on.

Reportedly, the impact of the crash resulted in both vehicles leaving the roadway. At least one victim was injured and required more medical attention than emergency workers could offer, but the victim is expected to survive. Traffic in the area was impacted by the crash until all the accident debris could be cleared.

Personal injury from an accident can change the course of a person’s life temporarily or permanently. Some injuries can result in symptoms that may become a part of a person’s everyday life. Treating injuries is unfortunately very expensive and can become a financial burden. Victims who  are unsure of how to handle the financial impact of an accident may find hope when discussing their legal options with an Illinois personal injury attorney. Depending on the circumstances, some cases can result in a civil court awarding a victims financial compensation for documented losses.

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