Personal Injury: Garbage Truck Crash Is Fatal

People do not usually notice trash trucks unless they have not picked up their trash, or unless they are slowing down traffic. Unfortunately, for one Illinois family, their encounter with a garbage truck was tragic. A crash with a dump truck has left one family planning a funeral and serious personal injury to a young passenger.

The details of the accident are unclear, but it is known that the garbage truck hit the SUV. Because the truck was significantly larger, there was serious damage to the SUV and its occupants. Both the SUV driver and the 12-year-old girl were taken to a medical facility for treatment. Sadly, the SUV driver did not survive his or her injuries, but the girl is alive. Reportedly, she is in critical condition with multiple fractures.

To complicate the crash further, the garbage truck also hit a nearby utility pole. Fortunately, the hot power pole did not harm anyone because a nearby utility worker was able to quickly deactivate the power. The intersection was closed as the accident was cleared and investigated.

In addition to the hassle of dealing with repairs and insurance companies, many accidents such as this one can be fatal. When death unexpectedly occurs as a result of an accident, a family has to suddenly finance a funeral and adjust to life without their loved one. Injuries also result in expensive medical bills that can result in financial stress. An Illinois personal injury attorney can review potential legal methods to seek compensation to cover all the related unexpected expenses. Additionally, dealing with the garbage truck company could be complicated, and an attorney could be beneficial through the process.

Source:, “Trash truck hits SUV, power pole in fatal Metro East crash“, Oct. 27, 2017

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