Personal Injury: Family Awarded $8 Million 10 Years After Crash

There is an enormous amount of decisions to make and bills to pay following any motor-vehicle accident. Once accident-related bills begin to surface, many families become overwhelmed with the inability to cover them. Personal injury attorneys in Illinois are able to assist families through insurance claims and/or lawsuits in civil court. One family was recently awarded compensation for a second time due to misrepresentation in the prior settlement.

More than 10 years ago, a family was impacted by a motor vehicle accident on a roadway that was under construction. A passenger was killed and others were injured. Following the accident, the family filed a lawsuit against two companies involved in the road construction and settled for $1 million. The family recently refiled a lawsuit against the companies, claiming that the companies did not disclose all of the available insurance.

The case recently was heard before a jury in a two-day trial against one of the companies. The other involved company had decided to settle with the family to avoid a trial by jury for an undisclosed amount. After two days hearing available evidence and witness testimony, the jury found that the company negligently withheld information in the prior settlement, which resulted in lower compensation. The jury awarded the family more than $8,100.000.

Personal injury cases such as this one are typically complicated. Experienced Illinois attorneys can advise clients on the best approach to seek compensation for financial losses. Although compensation cannot reverse tragic outcomes, it can often help improve the quality of life for those impacted.

Source:, “Jurors award family $8.1 million in trial involving company’s failure to disclose all insurance“, March 27, 2018

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