Personal Injury: 3 Injured in Multi-Vehicle Wreck

Because school is out, it is good timing for construction on Illinois roadways to increase. Although traffic is often less than during the school year, traffic still must occur on roadways under construction. Careful non-distracted driving must occur in order to maintain the safety of all drivers and workers in a construction zone. It is easy to become distracted when traffic slows down, and this can result in serious personal injury and property damage. Unfortunately, three individuals discovered how much damage can occur after they suffered injuries in a recent multi-vehicle wreck.

As vehicles were approaching construction work, they all began to slow down as required and as needed due to other traffic ahead of them. Apparently, one 30-year-old male driver did not notice the slowing traffic and rear-ended a mini-van in front of him. The minivan then struck a tractor-truck.

The man lost control of his pickup truck, which rolled over and struck another vehicle before coming to a stop. The pickup truck driver, one of his passengers and the driver of the mini-van reportedly suffered injuries, but they are expected to survive. All passengers and drivers reportedly did not have documented injuries. The pickup driver has been issued a ticket for failing to slow down.

It only takes a moment for an accident to occur. That one moment can lead to a lifetime of medical treatment and expenses, depending on the extent of injuries suffered. Illinois personal injury attorneys can advise victims of similar accidents of how to file an insurance claim or file a lawsuit in civil court to recover economical and non-economical losses.

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