Personal Injury: 3-Car Crash Results in Injuries

Car accidents happen quickly and in an instant, and significant damage can occur. In addition to thousands of dollars in vehicle repairs or replacement, serious personal injury can occur. Medical expenses for injuries can cost victims thousands in treatment as well and can result in financial stress for many. A recent multi-car crash in Illinois resulted in injuries to those involved.

The accident occurred at an intersection near a middle school. According to initial reports, an older couple was attempting to make a left turn into the school when their car crashed into a 16-year-old girl’s vehicle. As a result of the sudden stop, a 52-year-old female driver rear-ended the girl’s car.

Both the older man and woman were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of their injuries. The 16-year-old was transferred to a children’s hospital. Reportedly, the injuries did appear severe, but medical evaluation revealed that all three victims should survive their injuries. The young driver was able to confer with the other female driver’s report that they had the right-of-way with a green light at the time of the accident.

It can often be difficult to determine the extent of injuries a person may suffer following an accident. Some victims of accidents require more medical treatment and therapy for years, depending on the injuries they suffer. In cases where a party may be deemed negligent, personal injury attorneys can advise victims of all accident-related costs they might expect. In some cases, Illinois attorneys may advise accident victims to file a lawsuit in civil court to assist to cover financial loss.

Source:, “Columbia IL car accident sends 3 people to hospital”, Dana Rieck, Jan. 11, 2018

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