Personal Injury: 10-Vehcile Crash Results in Injury and Death

Despite warnings and education about the dangers, people continually drive distracted. Typically people are distracted by their phones, but they can also have their attention diverted by passengers, food and other activities. Recently, 10 vehicles crashed on an Illinois roadway, and it is likely the result of a distracted semitruck driver. Serious personal injury and one fatality occurred.

The chain of accidents occurred in a construction zone on a recent morning. Allegedly, a 53-year old tractor-trailer driver became distracted when he looked down to pick up a drink. The momentary diversion resulted in a lack of slowing down to avoid a collision with the vehicle in front of him. The impact of the semi and vehicle resulted in a chain reaction collision of eight other vehicles.

While many were injured, a 62-year-old pickup driver in the middle of the chain reaction was not able to survive her injuries. A passenger in her truck also suffered serious injuries, but he is expected to survive. A similar tragic accident involving another semi occurred near the same location around the construction zone. While some are blaming the construction zone for the accidents, authorities insist that distracted driving is the main factor. Authorities are planning to offer more patrols in the area to help prevent future tragic accidents.

Accidents such as this one can be overwhelming. Personal injury attorneys in Illinois are equipped to examine all the evidence to advise involved parties if filing a lawsuit in civil court is an option. In some cases, a lawsuit may be appropriate for victims to seek compensation to pay for medical expenses and for families to pay for unexpected burial costs.

Source:, “People recovering after crash on Interstate 55 near Hamel IL”, Dana Rieck, Dec. 19, 2017

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