Man Suffers Personal Injury in Motorcycle Wreck

As the weather warms up, motorcycle riders all over Illinois are promoting May as Motorcycle Awareness Month, which has been occurring for 35 years. Riders hope that their message will encourage other drivers on the road to be watchful and cautious when a bike is in the vicinity because a collision with one can result in serious personal injury or death. One man shared his past year’s struggle after suffering serious injuries when a tractor-trailer collided with his bike.

While traveling along the same road, the semitrailer driver made a left turn, not realizing it was in the path of the man’s motorcycle. Despite the presence of the man’s of safety gear, the bike’s small frame was not a match for the larger size of the truck. As a result, he suffered a foot amputation, dislocated wrist, broken hip, rib vertebrae and punctured lung.

After months of therapy, the accident victim is stronger, but he has not recovered enough to ride again. He may require additional surgeries on top of the ones he has already endured. Although he is not physically able to ride his bike anymore, he has purchased another one. He hopes that his recovery will continue to advance to allow him to ride again.

Motorcycle riders often blend in with traffic and can be difficult to see among other traffic. When serious collisions occur involving a motorcycle, serious injuries and months of treatment can be difficult for a victim. Illinois personal injury attorneys can advise victims of their legal rights and possible options for compensation through the civil court system.

Source:, “Motorcyclist in bad accident has plea for drivers“, Erick Payne, May 13, 2018

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