Insurance Tries to End Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Years

Workers in Illinois face injuries related to their job duties every year. Some injuries require minor medical attention, but others can result in lifelong disabilities and expensive care. No matter the severity, injured employees are usually covered by their employer-provided workers’ compensation insurance benefits. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to file a claim with an insurance company, and some employees find the assistance of an attorney helpful. Over the last 15 years, one man in another state has experienced how insurance companies can complicate workers’ compensation claims and benefits when his company made attempts to end his compensation.

The man suffered a serious brain injury after he fell 18 feet onto a concrete floor. The injury resulted in a coma and the need for a respirator to help him breathe. Once the man woke up from his coma, he could not care for himself and required 24-hour assistance. He continues to suffer symptoms from his brain injury and was declared unable to return to work.

The court records show that the workers’ compensation insurance company agreed that the man qualified for compensation, but the company has made multiple attempts in the last 15 years to end the man’s compensation. According to records, the company has taken the employee to court, accused the employee of faking symptoms and has denied the man necessary insurance benefits for his care. In addition, the company had the man arrested five years prior, after misleading evidence made it appear as if the man was capable of working. The charges for his arrest were eventually dropped. The former employee has recently filed a lawsuit in relation to the harassment he has allegedly endured over the last 15 years from the insurance company.

It is certainly difficult to heal from injuries and dispute claims with insurance companies to cover necessary medical care. Thankfully, most workers’ compensation claims are not as extreme as this case, but some employees do face difficulties with receiving benefits, following an injury. Illinois attorneys familiar with the system and the issues employees may face can assist with filing claims.

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