Fatal Workplace Accident in Volo

Workplaces are supposed to be where we earn our living, not places where we should fear for our lives. We show up, expected a safe environment to earn a living, but sometimes, our workplaces are not safe places. Unfortunately, workplace accidents are far too common, and sometimes, they result in deaths. For example, a Woodstock man was recently killed in Volo in a heavy machinery workplace accident.

The Mishap

Friday afternoon saw the tragic death of an Illinois excavation worker. According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, the accident occurred in the 30800 block of North Route 12 in Volo, Illinois. The 33-year-old man worked for Kanzler Construction.

The worker’s right arm was pinned and severely injured when it became stuck in a rock hopper machine. The worker was trying to free rocks from the hopper machine. Another employee called 911 for help, but the worker tragically died before first responders arrived.

The Lake County, Illinois, coroner has not done the autopsy yet. And, an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is ongoing to determine what went wrong.

After a Workplace Accident

After one is injured at work, the state’s workers’ compensation program helps with medical bills and lost wages. But, when a death is involved, experienced help is needed. Navigating the system can be like navigating a maze, and dealing with insurance companies can make the entire situation worse.

It can make all the difference to have a lawyer. A skilled professional to help and advocate can smooth the process and ensure that one’s rights are protected.

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