Family Hires Personal Injury Attorney for Death of Loved One

The cost of necessary medical treatment following a car accident can later cripple a family’s finances and leave a family in an overwhelmed state of despair. When an injured victim dies as a result of injuries, funeral and burial expenses may compound financial stress already experienced. Some Illinois families in similar circumstances may choose to consult a personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit in civil court to help recover lost finances. One family has recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit following a family member’s death in a multi-car accident.

The family member’s loved one was injured in a multi-car collision. Reportedly, traffic had come to stop, but a vehicle at a high rate of speed crashed into multiple cars. Multiple people were injured, including the 35-year-old driver in the first collision. Although he was transferred to a medical facility, he died.

Several other people were injured in the crash, including the driver of the speeding car. Reportedly, the driver had a medical emergency that resulted in the collision. Despite the medical emergency, the estate of the 35-year-old’s family has chosen to file a wrongful death claim to help cover medical expenses and burial costs.

In situations where a medical emergency results in a car collision, the results are the same as if a driver acted negligently. It can be just as costly and deadly. Families who wish to pursue similar wrongful death lawsuits may be advised by an Illinois personal injury attorney that a similar lawsuit may be difficult. Depending on the available evidence, negligence may be able to be established in some cases where a medical emergency occurs.

Source:, “Man’s Estate Sues Driver Whose Medical Emergency Was Blamed for Fatal Loop Crash“, March 14, 2018

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