Do People Qualify for Worker’s Comp if They Are Working from Home?

Since this past March, many employees in Peoria are now working from home. This is a new arrangement for those employees who are used to going to the office each day. Working from home is not without risks and injuries can still happen. Those who have been injured while working from home may wonder if they qualify for workers’ compensation.

Even when a person is working from home, they are not exempt from injuries. Despite being safe, there can still be many hazards in a home. The work set up in an employee’s house may not be as ergonomically correct. An employee can also trip and fall while walking to the kitchen to get a glass of water. There are thousands of ways for a person to get hurt while working from home.

Fortunately, if an employee is injured while working from home, they are eligible for Workers’ Compensation. If an employee doesn’t have a proper workspace they can be at risk of injury. If a person has suffered an injury while on the job, they may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in Workers’ Compensation. An attorney can investigate the cause of the injury and get answers for their client. They can help explain the options an employee may have when pursuing Workers’ Compensation and can help submit their claim.

If an employee has been injured on the job, regardless of where they are working, they may be eligible for Workers’ Compensation. Workers’ Compensation can help a person with their medical expenses and lost wages while they are not able to work. An attorney has the experience necessary to make sure a Workers’ Compensation claim is successful.

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