Crash Results in Personal Injury for Seven Victims

It only takes a moment for damaging and/or tragic accidents to occur on Illinois roadways. One moment of distraction by a cell phone, passenger, eating, roadside scenery or adjusting the radio is all it takes for a crash to occur with another vehicle. It is unknown what actions resulted in one recent crash, but the crash resulted in personal injury for seven different victims.

Two vehicles were traveling in two different directions when the accident occurred. A vehicle containing a driver and four passengers was traveling southbound, and a vehicle containing a driver and one passenger was traveling eastbound. For unknown reasons, both vehicles crashed.

The impact of the crash resulted in the vehicle containing five occupants being thrown from the roadway and landing in a retention pond. Emergency medical technicians reported that they had to wade through water in order to attend to the victim’s medical needs. All seven individuals suffered injuries, and the conditions are unknown. The investigation is pending, and authorities have requested the assistance of an accident reconstructionist to help determine the details of the crash.

Most car accidents will result in expensive property damage and some injuries. Once an investigation is complete, a driver may be deemed responsible for the resulting damage. Illinois attorneys are experienced with helping victims sort out the aftermath of medical expenses and car insurance claims. Some individuals may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit with the guidance of an attorney to seek compensation for expenses beyond insurance policy limits.

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