Construction Workers’ Accidents: Worker Killed by Vehicle

The field of construction poses all sorts of dangers for workers. The tools, the work site and the large machinery can all result in construction workers’ accidents. Workers who complete work on the Illinois roadways have additional risks involved in their work. Because most roads remain open to some traffic while work is completed, workers are at risk of being struck by a vehicle at any time. Sadly, a worker in another state has become another victim after being struck by a vehicle that traveled into the construction zone.

The construction work on the particular roadway had been in progress for about two weeks when the accident occurred. The accident is still under investigation, but authorities believe that a 34-year-old driver veered into the construction zone when he was changing lanes. In the process, he struck the 42-year-old victim and the crew’s work truck.

Sadly, the worker did not survive his injuries. Although the investigation is still pending, authorities do not believe the driver was speeding, but they are still unsure as to why he may have traveled into the lane. Authorities urge drivers to remember the laws that have recently passed that require drivers to slow down in construction zones for the safety of all parties.

When construction workers’ accidents are fatal like this one, a worker’s family will be thrown into a tailspin of life changes. In addition to unexpected funeral expenses, many families have to quickly adjust to the loss of income their loved one had provided. Illinois attorneys can advise families of their option to file for workers’ compensation death benefits to help ease the unexpected financial burden in their time of grief.

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