Construction Workers’ Accidents: Worker Injured in House Crash

Including back when large buildings such as pyramids and palaces were being constructed, workers have been asked to perform incredible lifting jobs of heavy stone and materials. A lot has changed over the years with how building occurs, including improved safety and equipment to assist with large projects. Despite improved safety, construction workers’ accidents still occur. Illinois readers may be interested in one crew’s recent job and the unexpected outcome that occurred.

A construction crew was requested to raise an existing home and elevate it on concrete stilts. The homeowners made the request to help prevent future home damage from flooding that could occur in the area. The home was removed from its foundation and was attempted to be placed on the stilts when something went wrong. A neighbor reported hearing a loud crash while she was cooking in her kitchen. When she ran outside, she saw the house on its side, and two workers appeared to be trapped under the house.

The woman stated that she reported offering to call for 911, but other workers refused, claiming that they would put ice on the men’s injuries. One worker was more injured than initially believed, and he was taken to a nearby hospital. Witnesses state that he was released from the hospital with a sling on his arm. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration is investigating the accident. Unfortunately, the house did not survive the crash, and it was demolished.

Construction workers’ accidents can be serious or minor. No matter the severity of the injury, injuries can result in expensive medical expenses and time away from work. Some workers may fear the loss of income while they are unable to work. Fortunately, most employers are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance to compensate for medical expenses, but some workers find the system to be cumbersome and confusing. Illinois attorneys familiar with the system can be of assistance when filing a claim.

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