Construction Workers’ Accidents: Worker Electrocuted

Some Illinois families of workers in the construction industry may be unaware of the risks their loved ones face on daily basis at work. Unfortunately, there are multiple risks that can cause construction workers’ accidents that can result in serious injuries or death for an employee. Sadly, one family is grieving after their loved one suffered an apparent electrocution.

The man was employed as part of the construction team building and equipping a large multi-story apartment building. On the day of his accident, he was performing work on an elevator shaft on the 24th floor of the building. At the time of the report, it was believed that the man may have been electrocuted.

Co-workers attempted to save the man’s life by performing CPR, and they transported him to the lower level of the building for easier access for the paramedics. After being transported to a nearby medical center, the man was pronounced dead. As with work accidents that involve serious injuries or fatalities, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will be investigating the accident.

Construction workers’ accidents can result in serious injuries and/or death as in this man’s case. Some injuries may prevent the ability to return to work temporarily or permanently, and many workers find compensation from insurance benefits to be helpful during the transition. Unfortunately, the state-run Illinois workers’ compensation insurance program is often difficult to navigate. Many employees find an attorney helpful when filing a claim for an injury. In addition, families of deceased employees may be eligible to file a claim for death benefits.

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