Construction Workers’ Accidents: Worker Died on Job Site

The process of obtaining construction permits and the regulatory agencies in Illinois exist to help maintain the safety of workers and the stability of structures. One states division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently fined and cited a construction company for multiple violations. The inspection and investigation of the company occurred after a worker suffered fatal injuries in one of the year’s tragic construction workers’ accidents.

The company was contracted to install an underground pump station. A special trench box was required to support the area as work occurred, which was installed by the company. Days later, as work was being completed, the company began to dismantle the trench box and support system.

During the process of dismantling, a support rail dropped and crushed a worker, causing his death. After The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health investigated the accident, numerous safety violations were discovered, including the fact that the trench box was being dismantled with another worker doing other work inside of it. The company has been issued nine citations and a total of $141,075 in fines.

It is certainly upsetting to learn of a loved one’s death. It is also certainly alarming to learn that safety measures could have been taken to prevent the death. Some family members of deceased loved ones may wish to speak with an experienced Illinois attorney who is familiar with fatal construction workers’ accidents. Some family members may qualify to receive workers’ compensation death benefits, and a lawyer can assist with the claims process. In addition, the attorney can investigate whether grounds exist for additional legal recourse based upon the gathered evidence.

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