Construction Workers’ Accidents: Woman Run Over by Dump Truck

Construction projects seem to be booming in Illinois and across the country. With an increase of work, construction workers’ accidents are more likely to occur. Due to the nature of a construction site, accidents have an increased chance to result in serious and sometimes fatal accidents for workers. One family in another state is mourning the loss of their loved one after she suffered fatal injuries on the job.

The 55-year-old woman was a driver for a dump truck company and was at the site of a road construction project when the accident occurred. For unknown reasons, she was not in her truck. Another dump truck driver operating a truck from a different company accidentally struck the woman while backing up.

The woman’s did not survive. She died before she could be transported to a medical facility for treatment of her injuries. The accident investigation is still pending.

When fatal construction workers’ accidents such as this one occur, it can be overwhelming for surviving family members. Families are left to plan and finance funerals and must determine how to cope without their loved one’s contributing income. Employers are required by law to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage for employees for accidents such as this one. While most workers use the insurance to cover medical expenses for any injuries suffered on the job, surviving family members may be eligible for death benefits when a loved one is killed while working. An Illinois workers’ compensation attorney can provide support and assistance in the claims process, including in those cases where an appeal is necessary from an initial denial of benefits.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Sheriff: Woman, 55, Killed In Delano Dump Truck Accident“, Oct. 26, 2017

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