Construction Workers’ Accidents: Roof Collapses on 6 Men

Renovations of older homes and buildings occur on a daily basis in Illinois. With the increased work and labor demand, construction workers’ accidents are likely to increase. Recently, some workers in another state became trapped in a house under construction, but they survived.

Approximately six workers were working on a home renovation when the accident occurred. The home is considered a row home, which is similar to a town home, sharing walls with homes on each side. Reportedly, the home was documented to be in disrepair as late as 2009.

One worker explained that work was being completed on the second floor of the three story home when the roof collapsed on top of them. Not only did the roof, concrete and other building materials crash around them, but they crashed through the first floor down to the basement. Four of the workers were able to escape the rubble themselves, but two had to be rescued by emergency personnel. Investigators believe that large amounts of concrete blocks were placed on top of the roof prior to it collapsing and may have led to the collapse.

Fortunately, all of the workers in this article survived the accident. It is unknown if any suffered serious injuries. When construction workers’ accidents occur, it can result in lost time at work and expensive medical treatment. The employer mandated workers’ compensation insurance has become a complicated system over the years. Any Illinois worker who is confused with how to handle their claim or the long term complications from a work injury could benefit from speaking to an attorney who is familiar with the system and legal options for employees.

Source:, “6 construction workers injured in roof collapse at house in Crown Heights, Brooklyn“, Oct. 17, 2017

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