Construction Workers’ Accidents: Many Suffer Serious Head Injury

Safety procedures, policies and equipment are a worker’s best friend when on a job site. To remain in compliance with regulatory agencies, most employers must perform regular safety training sessions with employees. Despite increased safety awareness, serious construction workers’ accidents still occur in Illinois. Ironically, one serious accident occurred minutes following a safety meeting on a job site.

An old building was being converted into a hotel, and crews were performing demolition to prepare it for construction. Apparently, the injured worker was part of an asbestos removal crew and was on scaffolding when the accident occurred. Although official accident investigation reports have not be completed or reported, the employer suspects that the accident may have occurred from a simple latch malfunction on a gate on the scaffolding. Whatever the reason for the accident, the worker fell approximately 15 feet and injured his head.

Although workers state that the injured man initially was alert and talking, there is concern that his injury may have been more serious than initially believed. Reportedly, bandages around his head were bloody, and he was not responding well to the paramedics on the scene. His condition is unknown at this time.

Construction workers’ accidents, such as this one, can result in serious injuries and death. Workers who suffer serious brain injuries may not initially understand the impact the injury may have on their lives. Although workers are typically eligible for workers’ compensation insurance to cover medical expenses, many in Illinois find it to their advantage to have an attorney assist them through the process of filing a claim. When necessary, attorneys can also help to handle claims that are initially denied.

Source:, “Construction Worker Injured After 15-Foot Fall Downtown“, Emory Bryan, Dec. 4, 2017

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