Construction Workers’ Accidents: Man’s Arm Amputated on The Job

Illinois construction workers may be interested in one man’s horrible day at work. The man suffered a serious injury and could have lost his life if it had not been for the quick actions of a nearby officer. Construction workers’ accidents like this one are most often eligible for workers’ compensation benefits to cover medical costs and loss of income following an injury.

The 44-year-old victim was performing his job duties using an industrial strength auger. Augers are most commonly used to drill holes in thick concrete and have a drill bit attached to them. While using the auger, his arm became trapped in the machine, and it was severed.

Thankfully, a nearby police officer witnessed the accident and immediately began to offer first aid. Reportedly, he applied a tourniquet to the man’s arm, which limited his loss of blood and bought him time to be transported to a medical center. Surgeons report they are attempting to re-attach the man’s amputated arm. As they do with most accidents that result in serious or fatal injuries in work environments, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the accident.

Construction workers’ accidents such as this one are often covered by workers’ compensation insurance benefits. The benefits are intended to cover medical expenses for work-related injuries and may also cover lost wages that result from an injury. Unfortunately, the insurance program is not always easy to navigate, and injured workers often find the advice of an Illinois attorney helpful when filing a claim.

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