Construction Workers’ Accidents: Man Killed by Car in Closed Lane

Typically, the human is no match for a moving and much larger vehicle. Most people who are struck by a vehicle suffer serious injuries and/or death. The state of Illinois has passed laws encouraging vehicles to slow down in construction zones and to move over when employees are completing a job along the side of a road. Construction workers, tollway maintenance workers, state police and first responders are in danger every time they exit a vehicle and have to complete a job near moving vehicles. Sadly, a worker has become a victim of one of the state’s recent construction workers’ accidents.

The 61-year-old man was completing work inside a construction zone on an Illinois roadway when the accident occurred. Two lanes of traffic were closed for the work to be completed, but the zoned-off area was no match for a wayward vehicle. The vehicle struck the worker and then came to a stop after striking a work van that was unoccupied.

Sadly, the man’s injuries were serious, and he did not survive. Authorities reported that they are still investigating the accident and have not released further details. It is unknown if charges will be filed against the driver.

When tragic construction workers’ accidents occur, families are often plunged into sudden grief and multiple decisions regarding burials. In addition, many families shoulder the burden of unexpected medical expenses while adjusting to life without their loved one’s income. Attorneys familiar with the Illinois state-managed workers’ compensation program can advise families of the possible qualification for death benefits or other legal options to assist with any financial burden.

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