Construction Workers’ Accidents: Man Injured While Using Bathroom

Despite safety procedures, policies, and regulations, accidents on Illinois construction sites continue to occur. Accidents occur due to neglect of safety measures, bad luck, inadequate training, and more. Unfortunately, construction workers’ accidents can result in serious injury and even death. Recently, a young man suffered serious injuries on his new job while working on a large construction project.

The 28-year-old man was only on his second day of work at a large airport expansion project when the accident occurred. According to reports, the man was taking a restroom break in one of the site’s portable bathrooms. While he was in it, a dump truck mistakenly backed up, hit the portable bathroom and ran over the man in the process.

Reportedly, the injured man and the dump truck driver were employed by different companies, both working on the expansion. The man is expected to need surgery and is being treated in intensive care for a collapsed lung, fractured pelvic bones and internal bleeding. Although his injuries are serious, he is expected to survive. Because the accident occurred on private property, the truck driver was not issued any traffic citations.

Although employees may survive serious construction workers’ accidents, some may experience related life-time health problems. Unfortunately, all medical treatment is expensive, and expenses can accumulate quickly resulting in financial stress. Employers are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage for employees, but it is a difficult system to manage. While recovering from serious injuries, the system may be a nuisance. Attorneys in Illinois are able to advocate for the injured employee throughout the claims process, as well as with regard to any potential third party claims for personal injuries.

Source:, “Dump truck runs over worker using portable toilet at Kenner airport construction site”, Ramon Antonio Vargas, Sept. 22, 2017

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