Construction Workers’ Accidents: Man Dies at Construction Site

It is not uncommon for Illinois construction sites or projects to contain unstable work environments when work is being completed. Although the instability is often part of the process to achieve the end result, it can often result in serious construction workers’ accidents. Sadly, one recent construction accident ended in a tragedy that may be related to his work environment.

The 27-year-old worker was apparently on the job site alone when the accident occurred. He was employed by a landscape and construction company that was completing work on a cottage. The cottage apparently needed a new foundation, and the house was raised on multiple I-beams to complete the work.

As the worker was using an excavator to dig out the foundation, authorities believe something became caught and triggered an accident. As a result, the worker became trapped between the excavator and one of the I-beams. Another worker who arrived at the job site found the man, who did not survive his injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is conducting an investigation into the accident.

Employers have numerous responsibilities to their employees. They must provide a safe work environment, safety training and safety gear, and many are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation is most well-known to cover medical expenses for injuries when construction workers’ accidents occur, but it also provides death benefits in specific circumstances. Family members who meet qualifications may be eligible for the insurance benefit, but the system is often difficult to navigate. Illinois attorneys who are familiar with the workers’ compensation system can assist the family of a deceased victim with any questions they might have and how to file a claim if qualified.

Source: Boston Herald, “DA: Landscaper killed in Gloucester construction accident“, Laurel J. Sweet, Jan. 18, 2018

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